Usps tracker not updating

14-Nov-2015 22:01 by 8 Comments

Usps tracker not updating

The folks at element14 have just emailed me to ask me to let you know about an update to the pricing table for the Raspberry Pi they put out a couple of weeks ago.

There are also sales tax updates on the grid where relevant.

After conversations with merchants and tips from our network of global shipping carriers, we are now recommending to our merchants who use us for supply chain management to think twice before shipping to private individuals in Russia.

One of the biggest issues we have seen is that the carrier gets the shipment to Russian customs only to have it stuck…for a long-time.

As anybody who sells online knows, some overseas buyers will say that is the shipper’s problem and will start canceling orders, initiating charge-backs, or causing a large support hassle.

Currently Russian customs authorities have a restriction on dutiable shipments sent to private individuals. Almost any product subject to tax and duties being sent to a private individual in Russia will be held and inspected by customs. Even after this process has taken place, there is still no guarantee that the package is going to be shipped out.

This can take days and even weeks, where they are being looked at with extraordinary scrutiny in an effort to improve the accuracy of accompanying shipping documentation. In the event that it isn’t shipped out, it will often be returned to sender, forcing the merchant to pay for the return shipping — expensive and not fun.

This situation is so bad that some carriers, like UPS, have “suspended acceptance of dutiable shipments sent to private individuals in Russia until further notice.” If you decide you would like to go ahead with your shipment to an individual in Russia; we would like you to consider a few options in your logistics: 1) Do not ship anything that is automatically dutiable or needs to be declared.

Here are a few USPS thoughts on their Russian country “conditions” help page.

2) Make sure you know the 6 digit HS number (Harmonized Tariff Schedule number) to speed things through customs.

3) Ensure the retail value is less than 0.00 USD (Standard insurance).

4) Do not include any prohibited items and it’s best to eliminate any questionable items per the Russian Federation (e.g printed matter may be prohibited, which would require a more detailed inspection).

5) Send the package via USPS mail, which has simplified forms (but no tracking).

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