Programmatically updating with detailview

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Programmatically updating with detailview

Hi Ravi, I'm sorry, but your task is not quite clear to me.Do you want to change the datasource for a particular detail View?

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If you want to change some values in the datasource, you can obtain the necessary View using the approach shown in the What can cause the properties, methods, and events of a detail grid view to fail? For more information, please see the Obtaining and Setting Cell Values help topic.If this information doesn't help you, please describe your requirements in greater detail.Thanks Dimitros Hi Ravi, Thank you for the feedback.You can load data to a detail view by using the Grid View. Please review the Master-Detail: Using Events help topic where you can find detailed information on how to achieve this result and useful examples in the help.If you want to refresh the grid, call the Grid View. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.Thanks, Svetlana Hi Svetlana, Thanks for the reply.

Actually I use the Master Row Get Child List events to load the data to the detail view.Assume that I expand a master row and now the Master Row Get Child List event fires and I provide the data for the detail view in e.Child List; Now the detail view is displayed with the data.After the Detail view is displayed, now something in my application tells me to update the detail view data.So, I get a fresh data based on the key of the master-row for the detail view. Now, how am I going to set this data to the detail view or trigger the Master Row Get Child List event?Now, how am I going to set this data to the detail view or trigger the Master Row Get Child List event? Please note that you can set detail view cells' values by calling the Grid View. If you want to change the child data table, use the following approach: Hi Svetlana, Thanks for the reply.

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