How to make small talk online dating

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Try it – it really is an effective first date conversation tip. Brush up on the news I’m not a big fan of American politics, the war in Iraq, or the Canadian housing economy – but I listen to CBC and scan various news sources so my hubby and I have something to talk about at dinner (because sometimes old married couples need first date conversation starters, too! Find stuff to talk about from the news, sports, your community, or politics.You’d be surprised at how fun it can make your date! One of the most interesting conversations I had on a first date was about a feminine hygiene exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I thought it was disgusting; my date thought it was fascinating.

Share the highs and lows of your day Here’s a great “first date conversation starter” that works for any get-together: family meals, first dates, or huge galas.Ask for the highs and lows of the day, and share yours. Maybe you ate at a new restaurant recently, or found a great new CD.Making small talk is about sharing the little things — which, by the way, is important even after you’ve been married for years.If you’re searching for first date conversation starters because you haven’t dated for a long time, read Is It Too Soon to Start Dating Again?Avoid awkward silences and uncomfortable moments with these conversation starters for the first date.The most important thing to remember is that the happier and relaxed you are, the more you’ll enjoy your date.

And if you’re enjoying yourself, your date probably is, too.

“A gossip is one who talks to you about others; a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself,” says Lisa Kirk in .

That’s one of the best tips for first date conversations is to talk to your dating partner about him or herself. It sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly difficult to Even shy, introverted personality types can use these tips to avoid awkward silences on first dates.

These tips range from discussing “the elephant in the corner” to knowing when to “fold ’em” — and they’ll make your dating life easier and more enjoyable.

Talk about the “elephant in the corner” If notice that there seems to be nothing to talk about, then your date is probably noticing the same thing. I often say this to start conversations: “Isn’t it awkward when you feel like you have nothing to say?

” Then you’ll start talking about that – and you’ll both be more relaxed.

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