Dating middle east customs

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Dating middle east customs - friends online dating india

I think Polish girls are not too different from any other girls in the world.

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Someone who is educated and intelligent and presents themselves well, there is never a problem.

I personally know a number of Polish girls that have married guys from the Middle East. This cultural difference can cause problems in relationships.

I think Jewish and Polish are actually a good complement of cultures since they have had a common history in Poland. Sometimes people say that the Arabian guys are marrying Polish girls for a Visa or citizenship to the EU or other reasons besides love. From what I observe almost 100% have been when they take a vacation to Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. Many young guys work in the resort business and hit on every single tourist there is. Because Arabic is so complex they seem to be able to pick up the Polish language pretty fast.

However, I am not one to be able to determine this. I know many Egyptian and North African guys that speak Polish well.

They have special intensive schools to learn Polish as the language is important for them as there are so many Polish tourists.

Some Pakistani marry Polish girls also but much fewer.

Further a lot of these guys have and send SMS and practice Polish girls, with usually several girls at once.They do not call girls on the phone but send cheap text messages.After a few hundred a day it becomes pretty easy to write in Polish. Most live in Warsaw and some in Krakow and other large cities. Let me know your perspective on Middle Eastern guys dating European girls, please keep it respectful and peaceful. 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