Cartoon dating couples

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Cartoon dating couples - datingsites for gamers

Interracial relationships are on a rise in the United States. In addition, 18 percent of heterosexual unmarried couples identify themselves as interracial.

However, the mainstream television series that portray Black people in interracial relationships – with Black women in particular – appear to far outnumber programs depicting Black couples.Take a look at 22 of these shows that present Black actors in interracial relationships; some have been canceled, but many are still on the air.Every mom and dad knows that being a parent is a full-time gig.You sleep significantly less than you used to, and the work never seems to end.But while parenting (and being married) can be packed with stressful and exhausting moments, it always helps to laugh.Adrienne Hedger, writer and cartoonist, hopes to add a few more laughs to your life with her spot-on illustrations about life.

She posts her cartoons on Facebook, and moms can't get enough of them.(Many of her illustrations have been shared thousands of times!After making you wait four days in antagonizing anticipation, we’re delivering the second part of the Top Ten TV couples to watch list.These are five of the most interesting, funniest and healthiest relationships portrayed on TV today.These are actors on a screen, though, not real life relationships.You shouldn’t hold yourself to their standards or try to mirror their relationships.