Adult fantasy chat family

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Kidzworld is one of the only websites for kids with a free chat room that is also a safe kids chat room.There are rules and everybody has to have them and follow them. Welcome to Free online live incest chat room, one and only chat room in this world with allot of members who need some incest chat for free.Mom with son, son with mom, dad with daughter, sister and brothers sex, this is what we called as incest meaning.Cross sexing with family members comes under this topic. Its totally free and safe, clean place to do 18+ sex chat anytime no limit video, webcam, audio father had died when i was 14, so i was the only male in the house. i said look into my eyes do i look like i’m kidding. she looked up with my cock still in her mouth and shrugged her shoulders.

that meant i was alone with four females, my mother and my three sisters. i pulled my cock from her mouth and heard my sisters moan.

well i had a choice of becoming more like them and being more girlish in my lifestyle or holding onto my man i held on and was doing pretty good when one day after finishing highschool i realized i was still living at home. i said but you will have give me something for the privelege of being fucked by your son, i am not cheap. i sneared and looked her straight in the eyes and said well i want you to give me my sisters. i looked over at them and saw that they were admiring my ten inches of manhood.

i was pissed and when my mother suddenly started begging me to sleep with her i exploded and said fuck you. i looked back at my mother and said get on your hands and knees i am going to fuck you like the bitch you are, i n your ass.

iwent on and said lets get one thing clear you want me to fuck you don’t you ma? she got on her hands and knees and i shoved my cock into her ass. i asked her you like having your son fuck you like a bitch don’t you?

my sisters were in thier rooms doing thier home work. i said well mother what are you waiting for get your fucking clothes off. i asked where the fuck are you going she said to my bedroom. i looked up to see that my sisters were in the doorway watching. i turned to my mother and asked would you like me to start with your hairy cunt or would you like to have me fuck your fat ass first.

i said they are my property, if i don’t mind them watching me fuck my mother why should you, now get your fucking clothes off. i said you are starting to sag a bit aren’t sweetie. i looked at her and said if you want me to fuck you mother you better get your fat ass over here and remove my clothes. as we stood there naked i looked down at my cock and said since you don’t have one of those super hot bodies i guess you better get down on your knees and see if you can suck my cock good enough to get it hard enough to fuck your hairy cunt. she nodded without removing my dick from her mouth. they looked at each other and came on in and sat down on the sofa.

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