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Some events repeat regularly – an annual fair or weekly cooking class, for instance.To accommodate scenarios like this Events Calendar PRO provides powerful recurrence capabilities and that is what we’re going to explore in this article.

Let’s look at the actual process for building a recurring event (or for converting an existing event into a recurring one).

Create a new event or edit an existing one, and scroll down to the Event Date & Time settings where you’ll find the Recurrence Rules section.

Recurrence Rules allow you to set guidelines for how, when, and for how long an event with reoccur.

To add a rule, first choose a setting from the dropdown.

If you leave the dropdown set at option allows you to add a specific day for the event to reoccur.

This is a useful option if your recurring event has an irregular schedule, or has a few random dates in addition to a broader pattern.

The next four options are for events that occur on a regular basis: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.The Custom option allows more complicated patterns and is detailed below.Pick the option that works for your event and some additional fields will appear: Setting the pattern to end on a given date basically lets you specify the last possible date an event from the sequence can take place on.Example: By contrast, if you set the pattern to end after a certain date, the next logical date will be used as the final date (to extend our previous example, that means setting the pattern to end after January 27 would mean the last date in the pattern would indeed be January 28.In other words, the on and after options let you distinguish between inclusive and exclusive date ranges.Selecting the never option means that events will be created indefinitely as dictated by your Recurrence Settings.

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